Saturday, December 26, 2009


Here we are a day after the day commemorating the most wonderful day ever known--the day our Savior was born. I always break out in some song when I say this. Today it is SWEET LITTLE JESUS BOY... but my hand pain is so great I cannot type all the words I sing. As I told you in my last post I had surgery on my right hand on Wednesday, on the 23 rd, and it is in a cast from second joint of my fingers almost to the elbow. I cannot use it at all. My left hand has the same problem as my right and the next surgery will be on it. However, while I was under anesthesia the surgeon injected my thumb because I have mega pain there. Guess which hand is so painful I'd like to gently remove it? Yep, you guessed it! I'm typing with one finger because it is the only pain free digit I have. I wanted to tell you all what a joy filled Christmas this was. Great food thanks to my wonder of wonders Bette. Great care of our 4 dogs by husband, Jim, and many emails from wonderful friends, and, as ever, God in the midst of it all.

It is hard to use the mouse with my left index finger, hard to do any chores I normally do. And I think over and of my biological father whose arms and hands were torn from his body. For 51 years he lived coping without them. I dare not complain.

My heavenly Father also is handicapped. You see, if he has a task to perform he never does it himself. He uses us--we are his body, his hands, his feet, his mouth. Anything he needs to have done, he chooses just the right person to accomplish it for him. Some tasks he assigns to individuals, and he provides everything needed for them to accomplish that one task perfectly--money, energy, knowledge,buildings, supplies--EVERYTHING. But he is handicapped by US. We balk, we squawk, we complain until he wears us down to perform that task! Oh how much easier it would be if we just got our "orders" and said "yes, Lord" withot worrying over the details.

There is one task we can all perform for him. Indeed he requires it of us. He wants us to just be ourselves, be friendly to all, and when he opens a tiny door in the heart and mind of those we meet he wants us to tell them of all he has done for us.

Now my index finger is growing very tired, but before I give you back this day there is a great verse, I think it is part of a song. I know so many hundreds of songs in total or part, but seldom remember from when or where they came. I do believe a large number were taught to me in that old porch swing by my other father who also had to use the hands of others. The verse I am thinking of:

"He has no hands but our hands

to do His work today.

He has no feet but our feet

to lead men in His way.

He has no voice but our voice

to tell men how he died.

He has no help but our help

to lead them to His side.

I LOVE to have that little door opened when I meet someone new, or when I talk to an old friend, because I love to talk of Jesus, and I love to discuss His word, and I love to find the answers to questions they might ask, because,after all

Happiness is to Know

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    I enjoyed your post, found you on blogger through similar interests ( I believe it was Bible Study;-)
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